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O’Donovan: Ways of Judgment

This is a review from a decade ago.  I was never persuaded that Oliver O’Donovan advocated Christendom.  I think that’s obvious for two reasons:  1) he specifically rejected the idea and 2) Desire of Nations was more along the lines of examining … Continue reading


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A catalogue of justice

What does justice mean?  Answering this question is necessary before you start claiming you want “justice in the public sphere.”  I am looking through Oliver and Joan Lockwood O’Donovan’s From Irenaeus to Grotius on how earlier Christian thinkers reflected on justice. … Continue reading

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Crisis and Judgment, Locus and Place

True radicalism understands that the crisis of God’s judgment rests on all human possibilities (McCormack 284). True radicalism invites the crisis to fall upon itself. Knowledge of God itself brings on the crisis of judgment.  “The encounter of revelation with … Continue reading

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