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Review: The Mind of the Maker (Sayers)

Sayer argues that the laws of creative imagination are analogues of the Trinity.   Or to say it another way, there is a Trinitarian structure in the mind of man. This is also mirrored in the writing of a book: Book … Continue reading

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A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin (Collins)

Collins, John F.  A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin. Washington D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 1991 [1985]. The book is exactly what the title claims.  It introduces the student to the structure of the Latin language with an eye towards … Continue reading


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DKG Questions 3 (Language)

While wanting to avoid “anti-abstractionism” in theology, theologians shouldmake use of one of the most important theological words there is–merely. While God is a God of mercy, he is also a God of justice. He is not merely a loving … Continue reading

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Notes on Matt Johnson’s take on Herder

This is a highlight of Matthew Raphael Johnson’s “Some Thoughts on Johann Herder and Modernism” (originally available at http://www.rusjournal.com/herder.html; accessed 19 February 2009.  That website is now defunct and Johnson is slowly moving his material to the new and highly-recommended … Continue reading

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