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Review: Theological Science (Thomas Torrance)

Torrance, Thomas F. Theological Science. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1969 [1996]. If Torrance’s works on the Incarnation and Atonement are his doctrinal magnum opi, this is his theological magnum opus. It demands much from the reader, as Torrance is dealing … Continue reading


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Book Review: The Word of God and the Mind of Man (Nash)

Nash, Ronald.  The Word of God and the Mind of Man. Zondervan: 1982. Reprint by Presbyterian and Reformed. The possibility of our having cognitive knowledge about God was denied on three grounds:  God is too transcendent; 2) human knowledge is de … Continue reading

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Review: Logic-A God Centered Approach (Poythress)

This isn’t a logic textbook, yet it isn’t quite a worldview approach to logic.  It is something of both, yet completely neither.  I still liked it, though. He begins with a theological “grounding” of logic, which amounts to a summary … Continue reading

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Frame Paper, Part 1

This is a paper, or rather part of an exercise, we had to do in seminary.  It was 12 years ago.  The italicized is the issue under discussion 1. Implication is something that pervades our experience. Men are rational creatures … Continue reading

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