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Frequency of the Lord’s Supper: Fluidity as an in-between category

How often should we take the Lord’s Supper?  I am going to ignore Roman Catholic and Orthodox counters for the moment.  Rome used to be quite infrequent and in EO countries many do not take the Eucharist at all (sort … Continue reading

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Horton: People and Place–A Covenant Ecclesiology

Horton finishes his unique project by examining the role that “covenant” plays in ecclesial discussions, yet the book is not simply another exercise in “how covenant theology proves infant baptism.” It is much more nuanced and detailed. Horton has demonstrated … Continue reading


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Review: Steinmetz, Luther in Context

Background Biel:  God has established a covenant and promises to give saving grace to everyone who meets the terms of the covenant (6).   Staupitz: Only God can make God dear to sinners (9). Luther and Augustine on Romans 9 … Continue reading

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Review of Zwingli and Bullinger

Bromiley, G. W. ed.  Zwingli and Bullinger. Zwingli is kind of like the definition of a classic. You think you know what he teaches, but you haven’t read him. He is remarkably clear (though not always profound). He excels at … Continue reading

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Lutheran and Reformed on Lord’s Supper

Lutherans believe in a sacramental union between the blood of Christ and the wine. Reformed believe in a sacramental union between the sign and the thing signified (promises of the covenant). Lutherans:  Wine —> sacramental union —> Blood of Christ … Continue reading

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