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Mises on the Industrial Revolution

From Human Action.  This is Mises’s analysis. pp. 614-615. Such are the ideas permeating most of the historical studies dealing with the evolution of modern industrialism. The authors begin by sketching an idyllic image of conditions as they prevailed on the eve of … Continue reading

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Review: Mises, Human Action

Von Mises, Ludwig.  Human Action.  Scholar’s Edition. All deductive systems are dangerous if formulated incorrectly. Their appeal lies in their power, and Mises’s system is powerful indeed. Mises advances Praxeology, an economidoctrine emerging from the Classical School when it was realized that … Continue reading

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Review: Mises, Theory and History

While there is much good in this volume, I have some reservations (which I will list in my conclusion). Still, it is very lucid. Values are subjective, but not relative.  Subject simply means “from the knowing subject.”  Thus Mises can … Continue reading

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