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Review of Preus Post-Reformation Lutheranism

Like Richard Muller in the Reformed tradition, Robert Preus shows how theological prolegomena orders the rest of one’s theology. While as a Reformed Christian I will disagree with both some of his conclusions and method, I appreciate the rigor and … Continue reading


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Analytical Outline Geisler’s Ethics, pt 1

Begins with a survey of different ethical options, briefly noting their shortcomings (Geisler 17-22). Christian View of Ethics Based on God’s Will Is absolute Based on God’s revelation Is prescriptive Is Deontological Antinomianism Not simply that there are no norms. … Continue reading

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Lutheran and Reformed on Lord’s Supper

Lutherans believe in a sacramental union between the blood of Christ and the wine. Reformed believe in a sacramental union between the sign and the thing signified (promises of the covenant). Lutherans:  Wine —> sacramental union —> Blood of Christ … Continue reading

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