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Reading Goals for 2016-2017

I measure the years starting in August, not January. So, here is what I plan, Lord willing, to have read by the end of the year: 1. All of Martin Heidegger’s corpus in English. I’ve read Sein und Zeit and … Continue reading

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Truth and Method (review)

This is one of those great moments where a great student follows his master (Heidegger) yet gives us a new product and not simply a repetition of his master. In short, for Gadamer language is the horizon of being. As … Continue reading

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Gadamer notes, 3

Now we are getting into the meat of it.  Gadamer is setting the stage for what goes into “understanding a text” (which he fully develops in the next part).  He introduces several key concepts which he will later exploit with … Continue reading

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Early notes on Heidegger, Basic Writings

HarperPerennial Edition. I read this in 2011.  I didn’t have quite the understanding of Heidegger that I do now. The book begins with Heidegger’s introduction to Being and Time. The main thoughts are fairly simple. Heidegger’s argument runs along the … Continue reading


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My own take on the Alt Right

The “Alternative Right” came out around 2010 and few took them seriously because it seemed more keyboard warriors than anything else.  Now that Donald Trump has given them concrete existence, people are paying attention. I’m not part of the Alt … Continue reading

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Can Wilson even deal with Heidegger

So after I finished Heidegger’s Being and Time I went to the leading “Evangelical spokesman” to see what he said. Long story short, if you go to http://www.dougwils.com and type in “Heidegger” you will get three pages of “see how … Continue reading

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Being and Time (Heidegger)

In one sentence:  Being is always being-there. Heidegger is examining the question of the meaning of Being.  If we ask “What is Being?” we have already presumed some understanding of the meaning of being by our use of the word … Continue reading

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Heidegger’s Game of Throwns

A summary of pt. 1 of Being and Time. To Da-sein’s state of being belong: (1) Disclosedness-in-general: Care–my being-in-the-world is wrapped up/alongside with others’ being-in-the-world.  I exist in the world within an already-existing-network-of-relations. (2) Thrownness: my da-sein in the world is already-in-a-definite-world.  This … Continue reading

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