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A Heidegger study list

Heidegger is notoriously difficult, but once you decode him he is easy and there is a huge payoff.  The following is more or less what I did. I did some study notes on Heidegger that some might find helpful. a) … Continue reading

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Notes on Liberal Democracy

While noting that Donald Trump is most likely a horrible person, one of the good things emerging from this political season (and to a much lesser degree from the Bernie Sanders campaign) is the fact that the “party system” in … Continue reading

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Notes on Matt Johnson’s take on Herder

This is a highlight of Matthew Raphael Johnson’s “Some Thoughts on Johann Herder and Modernism” (originally available at http://www.rusjournal.com/herder.html; accessed 19 February 2009.  That website is now defunct and Johnson is slowly moving his material to the new and highly-recommended … Continue reading


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RusJournal is Back Up!

Taken down some years ago but some soul put it back up.  I’ve learned more philosophy from Matthew Raphael Johnson than anyone else. Rus Journal

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