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Review: Schaff, Church History, vol 5

This is his second volume on the Middle Ages. It is tempting to color the Middle Ages either as a period of gross or superstition or incredible beauty.  This answer is neither.  Or both. Much as we may be disgusted, … Continue reading

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Schaff on the Sacramental System

From History of the Christian Church, vol. 5: The Middle Ages 1049-1294.  These are my notes.  I am simply reporting what Schaff reported, though I think he is accurate. Not all sacred rites, or sacramentalia, are the Seven Sacraments (703).  All … Continue reading

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Harvest of Medieval Theology

Narrowly speaking, this is a work on the theology of Gabriel Biel. As it is, one must be careful extrapolating Biel’s thought onto the canvas of late medieval theology. On the other hand, Oberman conclusively argues that Biel’s nominalism is … Continue reading

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