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Atheism for Lent

Merold Westphal suggests that the three great “masters of suspicion,” Nietzsche, Marx, and Freud, are actually theologians of original sin, if seen correctly.  I share the same conclusion. http://www.atheismforlent.net/about/ I’m not as thrilled about “contemplative meditation” as this site is, … Continue reading


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A Heidegger study list

Heidegger is notoriously difficult, but once you decode him he is easy and there is a huge payoff.  The following is more or less what I did. I did some study notes on Heidegger that some might find helpful. a) … Continue reading

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Can Wilson even deal with Heidegger

So after I finished Heidegger’s Being and Time I went to the leading “Evangelical spokesman” to see what he said. Long story short, if you go to http://www.dougwils.com and type in “Heidegger” you will get three pages of “see how … Continue reading

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