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The Divine Stapler

I believe in inspiration.  I believe the original mss are inerrant.  But we have to be careful how we gloss inspiration, not only because it is open to rebuttals, but also because there are instances of when the inspired writers … Continue reading

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Naked Bible Bibliography

Heiser’s name came up on Puritanboard recently.  Despite themselves, it ended up being a good discussion.  Heiser–and students of his like yours truly–are usually laughed at for quoting Genesis 6:1-4 and the book of Jude.  But this discussion stayed on … Continue reading


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Unseen Realm Q&A (van Dorn)

The book is written in a catechetical Q & A format, at some places very closely resembling the Westminster Shorter Catechism. There is a question, a somewhat detailed answer, and a list of prooftexts.  There is no way in this … Continue reading

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The Day the earth stands still (Gilbert and Peck)

More people believe in UFOs than in God.  Rather, more people believe in UFOs than in the traditional understanding of God. That is why there is an urgent need for Christians to give thoughtful, kind, yet firm responses to the … Continue reading

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Rabbis in the sky? Oy vey!

The alternative to the Divine Council reading of Psalm 82 is that the beney elohim are not spirit-beings (angels, to use a very inaccurate term), but Jewish elders.   If you hold this view, then the following entail: These Jewish dudes are in … Continue reading

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Joseph P. Farrell: An Annotated Bibliography

I had been meaning to do this for a while, but recently several things dovetailed. I started reading and listening to Farrell back in 2009.  I’ve read about half of his stuff (he publishes a book every six months).  I’ve … Continue reading

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Why are Angels Important?

I got asked this today.  I’m not sure how you respond except along the lines that anything God says is important. As for whether I am overemphasizing angels, emphasis arguments are tricky, subjective, and almost always impossible to prove.  So … Continue reading

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Guardian Underworld Spirits in the OT

Background reading: http://www.moreunseenrealm.com/?page_id=10 This is part of the “Deuteronomy 32 Worldview.”  Most translations translate verse 17 along the lines of the ESV. “They sacrificed to demons that were no gods, to gods they had never known, to new gods that … Continue reading

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Psalm 82: Did God have a UN Meeting?

One of the ways to get around the Divine Council worldview is to suggest that Psalm 82 refers to human rulers, not elohim (however you want to gloss that, angels, gods, etc.).  Several problems: This is a Council meeting (verse 1).  … Continue reading

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Don’t You Dare Bore Me with the Bible (Heiser)

This is a short introduction to Michael Heiser’s program.  It covers slightly different ground than Supernatural, which is also seen as an introduction to his more scholarly Unseen Realm.  This text works off the premise that “what is strange is … Continue reading

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