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We Believe in One Lord Jesus Christ (ed. McGuckin)

John McGuckin gives us an outstanding, yea even world-class compendium of Patristic Christology. It nicely succeeds the first volume in the series.  McGuckin notes a set of “ciphers” that explain the theology behind the Nicene Creed: “‘Christ’ becomes a cipher … Continue reading


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Review: The Mind of the Maker (Sayers)

Sayer argues that the laws of creative imagination are analogues of the Trinity.   Or to say it another way, there is a Trinitarian structure in the mind of man. This is also mirrored in the writing of a book: Book … Continue reading

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Mind in a physical world

Kim, Jaegwon, Mind in a Physical World. This is one of the texts that JP Moreland uses in his Philosophy of Mind class.  Before I review the book and talk about why it is so important, perhaps some introductory remarks on … Continue reading

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Searle’s Phil of Mind Course

University of Berkeley, Phil 132. Here is the handout of lectures (Itunes doesn’t list the names of them) Philosophy of Mind course: lecture 1 Cartesian Dualism, Mind-Body Problem, Perception lecture 2 Descartes’s Problems & Solutions, Other Positions lecture 3 Behaviorism, … Continue reading

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