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Dallas Willard: Knowing Christ Today

Thesis: A life of steadfast discipleship to Jesus Christ can be supported only upon assured knowledge of how things are, of the realities in terms of which that life is lived (Willard 7).  Correct knowledge gives us secure access to reality. … Continue reading

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Rebutting the “miracles come in clusters” argument

Some cessationists argue that miracles come in clusters in redemptive history, signalling important events.  And the unspoken conclusion is that they don’t happen today. Even if this were true, the conclusion wouldn’t follow.  But is it true?  The following is … Continue reading

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Notes on Thomas Aquinas’s Treatise on grace

Obviously, this is not a full endorsement. Can we know God without grace? The act of the intellect depends upon God in two ways: it has its form by which it acts from God Preparing the human will The preparation … Continue reading

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Response to Orthodox Bridge on Charismatics

Even though I plan to criticize Orthodox Bridge (hereafter OB) in this post on charismatics, let me begin with a few words of appreciation: Despite their best efforts, this post actually was a “bridge” of sorts. One sees several areas of … Continue reading

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