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Review: Richard II (Shakespeare)

It has been said that of the many casualties in a tragedy’s body count, the “future” is one of them.  In Shakespeare’s tragedies, characters may wax upon the coming events, but they are of no importance. Not so in his … Continue reading

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The Future of Love (Milbank)

I’ve been critical of Radical Orthodoxy in the past.  I think it’s ontology mutes all distinctions, or wants to anyway.  Nonetheless, John Milbank is just fun to read.  And check out his twitter account. Tweets by johnmilbank3 I’m posting this … Continue reading


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History of the Orthodox Church in Russia

Pospielovsky, D.  St Vladimir’s Seminary Press. Mostly excellent account of the Church’s life in Russian history. It is somewhat marred by dated accounts of Constantine (as a nominalist tyrant) and a tendency to see fascists behind every monarchist. He begins … Continue reading

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Getting caught with their pants down

Seven years ago when i was exploring other Christian traditions and reading heavily in the early fathers (and all the leading monographs), I came to the conclusion that if you don’t make Triadology (or its correlate Christology) central, you risk … Continue reading

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Revolt against the Modern World (evola)

The best way to describe this book is as a “Pagan Systematic Theology.” That’s not entirely accurate, though. Julius Evola, though an enemy of Christianity, isn’t so stupid to think that the pagan gods actually exist. In fact, Evola is … Continue reading

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The felicity of Christian Emperors

City of God, Book V. But we say that they are happy if they rule justly; if they are not lifted up amid the praises of those who pay them sublime honors, and the obsequiousness of those who salute them … Continue reading

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St Olav II: A Template for our War Against Paganism

Last year I came across the life and story of Saint-King Olav II of Norway.  His life gripped me in many ways, for many of my intellectual struggles and concerns about my own life and where I am looking into … Continue reading

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