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Rejoinder to Goldberg/National Review

I normally despise anything National Review writes, but every now and then they can be very helpful even if very wrong.  In “Denationalizing Politics” Jonah Goldberg notes, Donald Trump almost never uses the language of traditional American conservatism, with its … Continue reading


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Notes on Matt Johnson’s take on Herder

This is a highlight of Matthew Raphael Johnson’s “Some Thoughts on Johann Herder and Modernism” (originally available at http://www.rusjournal.com/herder.html; accessed 19 February 2009.  That website is now defunct and Johnson is slowly moving his material to the new and highly-recommended … Continue reading

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Unholy Terror

Schindler’s argument is simple: If Western intervention in Afghanistan in the 1980s created the modern mujahidin, Western intervention in the Balkans in the 1990s globalized it (Schindler, 316). While it is logically impossible to be a consistent Muslim and a … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on nations

In short, my views go like this (I am essentially modifying Augustine’s discussion in Bk 19 of City of God). *Since I am an ontological realist, I believe that the nations in the mind of God (prior to their being … Continue reading

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