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Review: Morality after Calvin

Summers, Kirk.  Morality After Calvin.  New York: Oxford, 2017. Kirk Summers documents and illustrates the problems facing the Genevan church after Calvin’s death, as illustrated in Theodore Beza’s Cato. While Beza will defend natural law, he has no interest in constructing a … Continue reading


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Review and Outline of Lex, Rex

This is Samuel Rutherford’s response to the prelate Maxwell who advocated absolute obedience to monarchs in all respects. This book is a point by point refutation (and reads like it). Rutherford’s Key argument: “I reduce all that I am to … Continue reading

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Outline of Resurrection Moral Order

Labour of love a long time in the making. O’Donovan, Oliver.  Resurrection and Moral Order: An Outline for Evangelical Ethics.  Eerdmans, [reprint 1994].                                                                                                                                   Prologue Easter Principle In Christ’s resurrection creation is restored and fulfilment promised; ethics had a foundation (xv). … Continue reading

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Politics of Jesus, beginning

Yoder’s Argument Thesis 1: Jesus’s ministry has a political claim that we often hide from ourselves (Yoder 2).  The Mainstream Ethic Yoder attacks what he believes to be a mainstream view of Jesus’s ethics (5ff). Jesus’s ethic was meant for … Continue reading

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