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Pannenberg, Systematic Theology (Vol. 1)

Some important sections. Largely eclipsed by his student Robert W. Jenson. Outstanding remarks on the Vincentian canon, the spirituality of God, and Gregory Palamas. He gives critical reflection on the Cappadocian fathers. Evaluation: Hard to recommend to most students and … Continue reading


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Outline of Turretin, Topics 1 and 2

I read through Turretin a few years ago.  Now I have time to do a more thorough study. On Natural Theology It is partly innate (derived from conscience) and partly acquired (I.3). God (and divine things) is the object of … Continue reading

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Review of Politics of Jesus (Yoder)

Eerdmans, 1994. While I think this book is wrong on several levels, it marked a valuable turning point in Evangelical ethical reflection. To say Jesus’s message was political is commonplace today. It wasn’t when Yoder wrote. Thesis 1: Jesus’s ministry … Continue reading

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T. F. Torrance (Intellectual Biography)

This book is divided into two parts: a brief treatment of Torrance’s life and an examination of his thought. His parents were missionaries to China and fostered a deep piety and evangelistic zeal in the young Torrance. Torrance grew up … Continue reading

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