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Review: LBJ and the Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy

Farrell argues there was a “coalescence of interests” in Kennedy’s murder.  There was no single group. This means that other Kennedy researchers are probably right but do not have the whole picture.  Kennedy analysis breaks down along the following lines: … Continue reading

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The Conspiracy to Kill Kennedy, File 2

Chapter 2: The Twos and the Toos: Disturbing Datasets, Doppelgangers, Duplicates, and Discrepancies In this chapter Farrell surveys the conflicting official evidence, including the two different autopsies. I won’t spend as much time on this chapter.  Attention should be paid … Continue reading

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The Nazi International (Review)

What to make of this book? On one level Farrell’s argument is quite simple: financial elites prior to WWII financed key German industries which gave the Nazi party its military and financial strength a few years down the road. This … Continue reading

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Other thoughts on Trump and globalism

Let’s leave personal failures aside and whether he is simply pimping the working class.  Trump’s rhetoric against globalism really stirs me.  And of course, his utter annihiliation of the GOP is something to consider.  But still.  One thing bothers me: … Continue reading

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