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Two Types of Necessity

First, Scotus will say: He considers that human actions are the joint result of the causality of the human agents and God.  But God is not seen as a direct cause of the human will’s acts.  As the first in … Continue reading

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Rutherford and Scotism

I’m not saying Rutherford is right or wrong, just noting particulars. Taken from Guy Richards, “Samuel Rutherford’s Supralapsarianism Revealed.” “Rutherford believes that God, although just, merciful, and good, is under no compulsion” to be just to his creatures ad extra (Richards … Continue reading


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Review Hodge Systematic Theology

Charles Hodge is the highpoint of American theology. While Dabney searched deeper into the issues, Hodge’s position (if only because the North won) allowed him a wider influence. Thornwell was the more brilliant orator and Palmer the greater preacher, but … Continue reading

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