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Review: The Balkan Wars

One reviewer described this book as “Not sufficiently anti-Serb for the Ministry of Truth.” That’s more profound than he realized. Gerolymatos argues that the Kosovo myth functions as a prism through which Serbia would forever understand its struggles with outsiders … Continue reading


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My own take on the Alt Right

The “Alternative Right” came out around 2010 and few took them seriously because it seemed more keyboard warriors than anything else.  Now that Donald Trump has given them concrete existence, people are paying attention. I’m not part of the Alt … Continue reading

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Unholy Terror

Schindler’s argument is simple: If Western intervention in Afghanistan in the 1980s created the modern mujahidin, Western intervention in the Balkans in the 1990s globalized it (Schindler, 316). While it is logically impossible to be a consistent Muslim and a … Continue reading

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Rejoinder to NR on Dugin

EDIT:  You can read my post if you want, but this rebuttal is much better (and hilarious). I’ve always been suspicious of National Review.  But ever since their article telling rural communities to commit suicide on behalf of economic prosperity, … Continue reading

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