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O’Donovan: Ways of Judgment

This is a review from a decade ago.  I was never persuaded that Oliver O’Donovan advocated Christendom.  I think that’s obvious for two reasons:  1) he specifically rejected the idea and 2) Desire of Nations was more along the lines of examining … Continue reading


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Review: The Balkan Wars

One reviewer described this book as “Not sufficiently anti-Serb for the Ministry of Truth.” That’s more profound than he realized. Gerolymatos argues that the Kosovo myth functions as a prism through which Serbia would forever understand its struggles with outsiders … Continue reading

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4th Political Theory

This review has in mind St Cheetos the Prophet. The phrase that best sums up Dugin’s approach is “Negating the Logic of History.”  Dugin begins by listing the three most common (and modern) ideologies: Liberalism: the individual is the normative … Continue reading

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