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Unseen Realm Q&A (van Dorn)

The book is written in a catechetical Q & A format, at some places very closely resembling the Westminster Shorter Catechism. There is a question, a somewhat detailed answer, and a list of prooftexts.  There is no way in this … Continue reading

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Why are Angels Important?

I got asked this today.  I’m not sure how you respond except along the lines that anything God says is important. As for whether I am overemphasizing angels, emphasis arguments are tricky, subjective, and almost always impossible to prove.  So … Continue reading

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Review: Lost World Canaanite Conquest

The book was a sheer joy to read. It was accessible yet maintained the highest rigors of scholarship.  John and John Walton affirm the historicity of the conquest narrative, yet they avoid “easy” answers often given by evangelical apologists.  They … Continue reading

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Did David Kill the Sons of Seth?

Of course not, but that’s what the Sethite thesis requires.  No matter ones view on Genesis 6, the offspring were the Nephilim who were giants.  Goliath descended from the Anakim/Nephilim.  Therefore, Goliath was a son of Seth! It just doesn’t … Continue reading

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Notes on Heiser’s Supernatural

This is a cliffs-notes version of his longer Unseen Realm. Key argument: “In at least some cases, God decrees what he wants done but gives his supernatural agents freedom to decide what it means” (23). Image of God Genesis says God … Continue reading

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Review: Unseen Realm (Michael Heiser)

Writing a book on worldview is so passe.  What really gets people uncomfortable is writing on the supernatural.  We believe in it on paper–as long as it stays on paper. Michael Heiser, by contrast, gives a mini-systematic theology around the … Continue reading

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Developing an Enochian Worldview

Some of these are inspired by Dr Michael Heiser’s writings, though much of it came from my own working through both the Scriptures and tradition.  Our problem is that we are all students of Dante, whether we admit it or … Continue reading

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Notes on Heiser’s Unseen Realm, 2

My opening notes here.  A problem with the Sethite reading. PART 4: YAHWEH AND HIS PORTION Chapter 16: Abraham’s Word Throughout the Abrahamic narrative, Abraham “sees” the Word.  Visible Yahweh thesis; Two Powers in Heaven. Chapter 18: What’s in a … Continue reading

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A syntactical problem for the Sethite thesis

The Sethite thesis holds that the “sons of God” (beney elohim) in Genesis 6 were the human descendants of Seth, and not the fallen Watchers.  Among other problems, this view has to hold: Heiser writes: “The verb form (began) is … Continue reading

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Opening notes on Heiser’s Unseen Realm

This study outline is kind of like a middle east targum.  It is combination paraphrase/outline. For a general idea of this type of thinking, see the following Satan’s Psy Ops. God’s Entourage Job 38.4-7 identifies the heavenly host, the morning … Continue reading

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