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Review: Horton, Covenant and Salvation

Horton attempts to give a full-orbed defense of Reformed soteriology, utilizing current scholarship, identifying potential weaknesses, and communicating this in a new and cogent manner. And he has largely succeeded. Similar to other projects, Horton places salvation within a covenantal … Continue reading


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Review: Delivered from the Elements

My earlier notes here.  A potential problem with Leithart is that most people who read him either “join his camp” or “attack his camp.” I don’t want to do either. I actually think the book is quite good.  It has … Continue reading

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Review: Justification, God’s Plan (Wright)

I wrote this in 2011.  I don’t think everything Wright said is correct, but we should definitely go with the idea of righteousness as covenant faithfulness. This is Tom Wright’s response to John Piper’s recent work on justification, and we … Continue reading

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