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Review: Roswell and the Reich

Farrell, Joseph.  Roswell and the Reich.  Adventures Unlimited. Establishing the Problem The Roswell investigation functions as a dialectic.  Either the event is so extraordinary that it could only be from outer space, or it is so terrestrial, and hence ordinary, and … Continue reading

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Review: Babylon’s Banksters (Farrell)

While the specific details often border into the esoteric realm, Farrell’s broader conclusions are sound. Further, Farrell has done the painstaking work of detailing the connections between money, religion, and power. Indeed, the old adage “Follow the Money” rings true … Continue reading

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That Hideous Strength, by CS Lewis

  Easily Lewis’s best work. This should be on the front shelves at everyChristian book store. Lewis frighteningly predicted the rise of the scientific, planning state. For those who laugh at “conspiracies” of the New World Order, read this book and … Continue reading

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Review: The Balkan Wars

One reviewer described this book as “Not sufficiently anti-Serb for the Ministry of Truth.” That’s more profound than he realized. Gerolymatos argues that the Kosovo myth functions as a prism through which Serbia would forever understand its struggles with outsiders … Continue reading

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Surveying the Conspiracy Blogs

Not all of them are kooky tin foil hats, and after the Wikileaks revelations in 2016, it’s hard to see where they were wrong in the main.  Still, while they are almost always more accurate than CNN, not all conspiracy … Continue reading

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Review: Trance-formation

Cathy O’Brien has the unfortunate (though not the most unfortunate thing to ever happen to her) of not being believed by even the conspiracy theory community.  I’m more sympathetic to her story than most, but I will push back on … Continue reading

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Trump, Clinton, and the NWO

Thesis:  Both Trump and Clinton are part of the NWO. Proposition 1: Yet, the NWO is fragmented and undergoing a “civil war” of sorts. P2: Clinton represents the Atlanticist Rockefeller elites; Trump the mafia-Russian front. P3: That is why the … Continue reading

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The Nazi International (Review)

What to make of this book? On one level Farrell’s argument is quite simple: financial elites prior to WWII financed key German industries which gave the Nazi party its military and financial strength a few years down the road. This … Continue reading

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An Intro to Neo-Eurasianism

In this work Alexander Dugin analyzes the development of earlier Eurasianism to its current manifestations on the political scene. According to Dugin, “Eurasianism is a type of structuralism with the accent placed on multiplicity and synchronicity of structures” (Dugin loc. … Continue reading

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Other thoughts on Trump and globalism

Let’s leave personal failures aside and whether he is simply pimping the working class.  Trump’s rhetoric against globalism really stirs me.  And of course, his utter annihiliation of the GOP is something to consider.  But still.  One thing bothers me: … Continue reading

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