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The Ethics of Belief (Review)

Wolterstorff, Nicholas.  John Locke and the Ethics of Belief.  Cambridge. Locke’s goal is simple: to offer a rational, objective, public account of reason that will heal the warring factions of society.  His method, at least in the broad strokes, is … Continue reading


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Calming down on Neo-Calvinism, to all

The evangelical/Calvinist resurgence in American life is properly termed “New Calvinism.”  The Dutch intellectual tradition from 1880 to sort of today is Neo-Calvinism.  Admittedly, new and “neo” are the same thing, but they are applied differently at different times in history. So, … Continue reading

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Found! Wolterstorff’s Bavinck lecture

He gave this over 8 years ago but only now was it made available.  This is partly why I hold to the Plantinga model of epistemology and metaphysics. Bavinck as Proto-Reformed Epistemologist.

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Rights talk

From Wolterstorff’s Until Justice and Peace Embrace Initial claim: (P1) Justice is the enjoyment of one’s rights. Calvin spoke of a “mutual communication” in society: “each is to contribute what he or she can to the enrichment of the common life” … Continue reading

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A nonexistent interview I did a while back

This interview never happened.  It is between me and myself.  On a more serious note, I have noticed that my philosophical readings do not fit into any specific category.  That is good, I suppose, since “joining a school” is not … Continue reading

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