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Hoax of Higher Criticism

This isn’t a detailed analysis and refutation of higher criticism (though such are listed in the bibliography). Rather, it is an examination of the presuppositions behind the higher critics’ methods. Their goal is simple: to show that God is divided. … Continue reading


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Review: Lost World Canaanite Conquest

The book was a sheer joy to read. It was accessible yet maintained the highest rigors of scholarship.  John and John Walton affirm the historicity of the conquest narrative, yet they avoid “easy” answers often given by evangelical apologists.  They … Continue reading

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Opening notes on Heiser’s Unseen Realm

This study outline is kind of like a middle east targum.  It is combination paraphrase/outline. For a general idea of this type of thinking, see the following Satan’s Psy Ops. God’s Entourage Job 38.4-7 identifies the heavenly host, the morning … Continue reading

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Spirit and Word (Mowinckel)

This book is a collection of essays, which content is different from what the title suggests. The majority of the book is a collection of Mowinckel’s articles on Form Criticism. Only the final two chapters deal with “word” and “spirit” … Continue reading

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