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Outline John Owen on the Christian Life

Ferguson, Sinclair.  John Owen on the Christian Life.  Banner of Truth. The Plan of Salvation Doctrine of the Covenant The Covenant of Works. The reward of eternal life succeeds strict justice, since it is in the nature of a promise.  Further, … Continue reading

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Outline: Book 2, Calvin’s Institutes

Book 1. Summary of argument so far:  Doctrine of the Knowledge of God –> Man’s problem –> Ten Commandments –> Old and New Covenants  –> Person of the Mediator. BOOK 2: THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOD THE REDEEMER IN CHRIST, FIRST … Continue reading

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Outline, John Owen *Mortification of Sin*

https://faculty.gordon.edu/hu/bi/ted_hildebrandt/SpiritualFormation/Texts/Owen_MortificationOfSin.pdf Foundation of the Discourse The relationship between justification and mortification is cause and effect (Owen 6). Our duty: The choicest believers, who are assuredly freed from the condemning power of sin, ought yet to make it their business all … Continue reading

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Outline of Turretin, Topics 1 and 2

I read through Turretin a few years ago.  Now I have time to do a more thorough study. On Natural Theology It is partly innate (derived from conscience) and partly acquired (I.3). God (and divine things) is the object of … Continue reading

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Witsius, Notes: Vol 1

This is mainly Books 1-3 of The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man (Reformation Heritage reprint) Book 1 Chapter 1: Covenants in General Generally, covenants signify a mutual agreement between parties, with respect to something (43).  A covenant of … Continue reading

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Outline of Calvin’s Institutes, Book 1

Outline and Notes. Knowledge of God Calvin placed intuitive knowledge on a more direct footing.  We have direct knowledge of an actually present object:  Intuitive knowledge arises under the direct impact of the divine Being. Calvin: We know God through … Continue reading

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Analytic Outline, Balthasar’s Cosmic Liturgy

This isn’t an outline of the whole book–only the first half.  That is where Balthasar’s discussion on Person and Nature is.  I first read this book in 2010 when I was new to Maximus the Confessor.  Those were heady days.  … Continue reading

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Analytical Outline of Freedom of the Will

Terminology: Will: that by which the mind chooses anything (1.1). Act of will: act of choosing.  JE identifies volition with the prevailing act of the soul; what other writers call “voluntary.” Determined: under some influence to a fixed object. Thesis: … Continue reading

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John Owen Communion With God (Works 2)

My copy of Owen was from his Works, volume 2.  Nonetheless, this review will also serve for the shorter Puritan Paperbacks edition.  following the review is an outline on the book. Owen gives us a dense, thorough, yet manageable snapshot, … Continue reading

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Intro notes to Bahnsen

One of my goals this summer was to do an analytical outline to Bahnsen’s Van Til reader.  That demands more energy than time left in the summer.  But I didn’t want the project to hang suspended between heaven and earth, … Continue reading

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