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O’Donovans: From Irenaeus to Grotius

O’Donovans, Oliver and Joan Lockwood.  From Irenaeus to Grotius. Eerdmans. This sourcebook is divided into five parts: The Patristic Age, Late Antiquity and Germanic Kingship, The Integration of Aristotle, Spiritual Polities and Dominum, and Renaissance and reformation. At the risk of … Continue reading


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Review: Saeculum

Markus, R. A. Saeculum. Markus offers a reading of Augustine’s deconstruction of previous metanarratives. Markus gives a particularly lucid account of key terminology and moves Augustine made. And I think he is generally correct in his conclusions, though his reading has … Continue reading

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A Franciscan Counter to Thomism

This is not a rebuttal or refutation of Thomism.  It is a medieval alternative. I will offer my problems with Thomism in another post. From the O’Donovan’s From Irenaeus to Grotius: A Sourcebook in Chritian Political Thought. Notes on Bonaventura.  This … Continue reading

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Outline of Desire of Nations

Rev David Field did his own outline.  You are encouraged to go read his. The Revelation of God’s Kingship (36-41) Isaiah 33:22:   Yhwh is our king; Yhwh is our judge; Yhwh is our lawgiver.  He will save us.” Ideas are … Continue reading

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