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Turretin on the civil magistrate

A godly magistrate can call a council, for magistrates are nurse-fathers to the church (Isa. 49:21-23, p. 308). On The Civil Magistrate Thirty Fourth Question:  What is the right of the Christian magistrate about sacred things, and does the care … Continue reading

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Review and Outline of Lex, Rex

This is Samuel Rutherford’s response to the prelate Maxwell who advocated absolute obedience to monarchs in all respects. This book is a point by point refutation (and reads like it). Rutherford’s Key argument: “I reduce all that I am to … Continue reading


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Working outline of Lex, Rex

I still have 100 pages to go in my outline.  Most of my critical help has come from Rev. David Field. I found Rev David Field’s analyses of Rutherford very helpful and invaluable. http://davidpfield.com/other/rutherfordccs.pdf http://www.davidpfield.com/published-articles/Rutherford-resistance.pdf Rev Field’s key point, taken … Continue reading

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Politics, Religion, British Revolution (Review)

By John Coffey. John Coffey has filled in a woeful lacuna in Reformed historical scholarship: the absence of a good, critical, and thorough biography of the Covenanter Samuel Rutherford. In fact, Coffey goes on to say that there is not … Continue reading

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