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Methodius of Olympus’s writings

Some years ago a gnostic magus on Puritanboard attacked me for criticizing Methodius’s gnostic views on sexuality and marriage.  So basically I got attacked on a Puritan forum for upholding the Puritan view of marriage.  Sounds about right. All citations … Continue reading


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Naked Bible Bibliography

Heiser’s name came up on Puritanboard recently.  Despite themselves, it ended up being a good discussion.  Heiser–and students of his like yours truly–are usually laughed at for quoting Genesis 6:1-4 and the book of Jude.  But this discussion stayed on … Continue reading

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What a joke

There is a thread on gnosticboard Puritanboard about Wilson’s non-repentance.  I just gave them the facts based on over a decade of interaction with the Wilsonistas/CREC.  I then started quoting police documents, eyewitness testimony, etc.  I said “hide ya womens” … Continue reading

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Analytical Outline Geisler’s Ethics, pt 1

Begins with a survey of different ethical options, briefly noting their shortcomings (Geisler 17-22). Christian View of Ethics Based on God’s Will Is absolute Based on God’s revelation Is prescriptive Is Deontological Antinomianism Not simply that there are no norms. … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Metaphysics

To wax hippie and postmodern for a moment, this is a “journey” of a post, more than a philosophical one.  Every year I go back and forth between analytic philosophy and continental philosophy.  This seems to correlate with my reading … Continue reading

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You better do more than just agree

I told some on Puritanboard that I was not necessarily committed to premillennialism and I was ready to deal with other systems.  In short, I was going to give amillennialism (nota bene: that may be the ugliest term in all … Continue reading

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Embracing our stunted limitations

Plato was right about the cave.  We really don’t want to face the truth.  We don’t want to get out of our comfort zones.  If we need an opponent, we create “The Other.”  The Other exists for our own self-definition. … Continue reading

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Did 2 of my PB comments get deleted?

I started a thread on Jack Chick at Puritanboard. Yes, I know he is off-base and I don’t take him seriously.  I intended several things to happen from that thread, one of which was to highlight Jesuitism and Conspiracy Theories. … Continue reading

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