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R. Scott Clark: Recovering the Reformed Confession

Clark, R. Scott.  Recovering the Reformed Confession. Dr Clark’s book can be focused around three themes: 1) a distinctively Reformed piety flows from a Reformed theology and this piety will be directly counter to the 2) Quest for Illegitimate Religious Certainty … Continue reading


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Study notes on Caspar Olevian and Substance

I will write a formal review later.  R. Scott Clark has several fascinating sections reconstructing German Calvinism in the 16th century, along with rebutting the Heppe-thesis and such.  The review will cover those parts. This book is so useful on … Continue reading

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Substance of the Covenant of Grace

HT to R. Scott Clark.  I plan to get this volume when I accrue (merit?) enough Amazon points. 2. Under the new covenant or testament, however, these promised blessings are not given to all men, because God is true, thus … Continue reading

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