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Review: Horton, Covenant and Salvation

Horton attempts to give a full-orbed defense of Reformed soteriology, utilizing current scholarship, identifying potential weaknesses, and communicating this in a new and cogent manner. And he has largely succeeded. Similar to other projects, Horton places salvation within a covenantal … Continue reading

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Review: Buchanan, Justification

While dated in some respects, this volume has outstanding discussions of several knotty problems.  The first section is an historical overview.  The real value of that is in the post-Reformation discussions (especially relating to the church of England).  A few … Continue reading

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Horton on Radical Orthodoxy

Horton, Michael.  Covenant and Salvation. Covenantal Ontology: The pactum salutis is the intra-Trinitarian covenant made in eternity. It is realized in the biblical covenants. See also pp. 182-186. Horton notes that Radical Orthodoxy, Eastern Orthodoxy, and Roman Catholicism presuppose something along … Continue reading

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Propaedeutic comments on Milbank and RO

Also titled: A Return to Radical Orthodoxy after 10+ Years of Criticism. I am going to reflect on some criticisms made of Milbank’s work (and note he has answered some of these in The Future of Love, even agreeing with a … Continue reading

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Through Hegel, Fire, and Sword

(With proper acknowledgments to Lewis Ayres for the title). Consistency in life and doctrine is a mark of the gospel.  The godly man  does not flit from doctrine to doctrine.   That represents an unstable mind.  However, consistency of doctrine is … Continue reading

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