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On not introducing new feasts

Just thinking out loud. Leviticus 23.  Can’t introduce a new feasts without God giving timing of it. We have both in the Lord’s Supper.

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Liturgical Nestorianism (1)

I picked up Jordan’s treatise rebutting Greenville Seminary’s Worship in the Presence of God.  Disclaimer: I am certainly NOT advocating Jordan’s approach to worship nor really much else associated with the man.  But I do think Jordan neatly summarizes the situation … Continue reading

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Worship in Spirit and Truth (Frame)

Frame does a decent job defining the RPW, and he is aware of the element/circumstance distinction, but he asks a number of tough questions: What are these “circumstances” (WCF 21.1)?  The Confession doesn’t say, except to note “light of nature.” … Continue reading

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