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Scottish Theology (Thomas Torrance)

John Knox The Death of Christ God does not love us because of what Christ has done, but rather because he loves us he came in Christ (Torrance 19). Torrance says limited atonement implies a Nestorian heresy.  Perhaps, but he … Continue reading

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Sort of being nice to Covenanters

I’ve picked on Covenanters a lot in the past.  They deserved it. Probably still do.  Some of them (whom I know personally) have a tendency to hyper-legalism (emphasis on hyper).  The rest are LARPing. With that said, the history of … Continue reading

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Rutherford and Possibilia

“Samuel Rutherford and the Divine Origin of Possibility and Impossibility” in Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland. P1: God’s being is the first principle of all things (142-143). Which means, pace Aristotle, that the Law of Noncontradiction is not the first principle. The … Continue reading


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Rutherford’s Scotist Ethics

“Samuel Rutherford’s Euthyphro Dilemma” in Reformed Orthodoxy in Scotland by Simon J. G. Burton Cameron’s Thesis: Things that are good in themselves have a much stronger binding authority than adiaphora. Rutherford’s Rejoinder: Constitution of the divine image is dependent on the … Continue reading

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Speak ye not of Calvin

I’ve read through the Institutes 3 times.  It’s good, I guess.  I just don’t really resonate towards Calvin.  And until 1800, that was more or less the impression in the Reformed world.  So why are people so concerned to tag … Continue reading

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Rutherford and Scotism

I’m not saying Rutherford is right or wrong, just noting particulars. Taken from Guy Richards, “Samuel Rutherford’s Supralapsarianism Revealed.” “Rutherford believes that God, although just, merciful, and good, is under no compulsion” to be just to his creatures ad extra (Richards … Continue reading

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Review and Outline of Lex, Rex

This is Samuel Rutherford’s response to the prelate Maxwell who advocated absolute obedience to monarchs in all respects. This book is a point by point refutation (and reads like it). Rutherford’s Key argument: “I reduce all that I am to … Continue reading

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Working outline of Lex, Rex

I still have 100 pages to go in my outline.  Most of my critical help has come from Rev. David Field. I found Rev David Field’s analyses of Rutherford very helpful and invaluable. http://davidpfield.com/other/rutherfordccs.pdf http://www.davidpfield.com/published-articles/Rutherford-resistance.pdf Rev Field’s key point, taken … Continue reading

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Trial and Triumph of Faith

Rutherford, Samuel.  The Trial and Triumph of Faith.  Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth. In this volume you are able to see a side of Samuel Rutherford that isn’t quite as flowery as his *Letters,* nor as analytical as *Lex, Rex.* … Continue reading

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An Arminian Theodicy

Arminianism:  divine election is based on foreknowledge of human choices. (this does touch on the Middle Knowledge debate, which will be discussed below).  Rutherford responds that this denies God as the author of second causes.  Arminians deny that grace determines … Continue reading

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