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Charlie Daniels and the CREC Scandal

Read this and weep. If you still support Doug Wilson, then repent.  Something about Jesus saying if you cause these little ones to stumble, then go to hell. Charlie Daniels had said that the lowest form of animal life on … Continue reading

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Update on Wight-Wilson police report

This buries the Wilsonista case.  Wilson’s disciples tell me, “But you don’t know the whole story,” to which I reply, “Bulls*&%.  I do.” Confession and Court Records. Key excerpts: Jamin Wight Contradicts Doug Wilson Jamin Wight contradicts Doug Wilson on … Continue reading


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An addendum to Neo-Jovinianism

Last year during the uproar on one of the many, many Doug Wilson scandals, I wrote “Against the Neo-Jovinians” where I argued that a semi-monastic life of disciplined ascetism is a better cure for pedophiles than, say, marrying them off … Continue reading

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Repost: Against the Neo-Jovinians

Repost, but certain events brought it to mind.  I’ve come across passages in some Canon Press books.  We know that Doug Wilson’s people demean women.  That’s a self-evident truth.  But it’s always jarring to see new evidence to the effect. … Continue reading

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Does Wilson understand civil law?

He writes in response to Rod Dreher, At issue was whether he was going to be charged as pedophile, and placed in the same category as one who was molesting little children. But we believed his crime was not in … Continue reading

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Up Against the Neo-Jovinians

Jovinian was an intellectual in the ancient Christian world who scandalized everyone by suggesting marital relations and celibate virginity were on the same level.  Jerome responded.  And what a powerful, if hilariously wrong, response it was.   Now, I believe … Continue reading

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