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Review: Vanderwaal, Job-Song of Songs

I’m normally skeptical of Bible surveys and introductions. You can find the book online. They usually never get beyond surface level and are written with the grace of a dictionary. Fortunately, Cornelis Vanderwaal’s material isn’t that. He gets to the point but … Continue reading

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Sex, Puritans, and Ontology

Modified from an older post. One of the sad ironies of history is that the Puritans are painted as kill-joys, when in fact, among other things, they rejoiced in the idea of sexual pleasure in marriage.  I suppose other Christian … Continue reading

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Turretin on celibacy and Rev 14

No one could learn that song except the 144,000 who had been redeemed from the earth. 4 It is these who have not defiled themselves with women, for they are virgins FT offers the standard arguments against priestly celibacy, but he … Continue reading

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Thomas Watson on the 7th Commandment

Watson’s treatment of it, like anything else he writes about, is stirring, convicting, and breath-taking.  I plan to outline the chapter (Watson, The Ten Commandments.  Carlisle, PA: Banner of Truth Trust, reprint 1986, pp. 152-163). The thing implied is that … Continue reading

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Eros and Civilization (Marcuse)

Marcuse reworks Freud’s categories from the individual to society. To paraphrase Henry van Til, Marcuse is Freud externalized. There is a dialectic between the Eros principle and the Thanatos principle. In order for civilization to thrive, it has to suppress … Continue reading

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Human trafficking in Israel a $ 1 billion industry

Originally posted on Cjaye57's Weblog:
Israel the so-called “oasis of democracy and human rights” been cited by the United Nations and the US State Department was one of the worst offenders in this slave trade, a $ 1,000,000,000 dollar…

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Situation Ethics (review)

You can summarize Fletcher’s ethic as “Claim love, and then you can use it to fornicate and stuff.” Even though this book is bad, it isn’t completely bad. The beginning of the book is fairly well-written. I will do my … Continue reading

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Repost: Against the Neo-Jovinians

Repost, but certain events brought it to mind.  I’ve come across passages in some Canon Press books.  We know that Doug Wilson’s people demean women.  That’s a self-evident truth.  But it’s always jarring to see new evidence to the effect. … Continue reading

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Sailing the Wine Dark Sea

This book is vintage Cahill: witty, provocative, and probably over-sexed. I have to give him credit–Cahill is a competent scholar and he does cover the relevant topics.  He covers the “Greek” outlook on poetry, war, partying, and philosophy.  There is … Continue reading

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Up Against the Neo-Jovinians

Jovinian was an intellectual in the ancient Christian world who scandalized everyone by suggesting marital relations and celibate virginity were on the same level.  Jerome responded.  And what a powerful, if hilariously wrong, response it was.   Now, I believe … Continue reading

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