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Dallas Willard: Renovation of the Heart

It’s hard to write a new book on spiritual formation. Even the books that are good seem to have covered already-covered ground. What more is there to add? Dallas Willard takes a different angle. Rather than aiming for spiritual formation … Continue reading

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Lost Virtue of Happiness

Moreland, J. P. and Issler, Klaus.  The Lost Virtue of Happiness (Navpress). Far from being a self-help book, Moreland and Klauss (MK) define happiness in terms of its more ancient setting: a happy life is one that allows me to pursue … Continue reading

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So, about that Lent…

I try never to talk about Lent, pro or con.  I think Lent is an example of Christian liberty at the most basic (St Paul: why value one day over another?).  The reactions to Lent, for and against, however, are … Continue reading

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Living in Christ’s Presence

It reads like a series of reflections about Willard’s lifelong ministry. Some high points: Willard *Evangelism isn’t manipulating people to “feel” a new experience. It primarily includes bringing them new information. *Urges Evangelicals to read John Cassian and the Philokalia. … Continue reading


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