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Unseen Realm Q&A (van Dorn)

The book is written in a catechetical Q & A format, at some places very closely resembling the Westminster Shorter Catechism. There is a question, a somewhat detailed answer, and a list of prooftexts.  There is no way in this … Continue reading

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Notes on Heiser’s Unseen Realm, 2

My opening notes here.  A problem with the Sethite reading. PART 4: YAHWEH AND HIS PORTION Chapter 16: Abraham’s Word Throughout the Abrahamic narrative, Abraham “sees” the Word.  Visible Yahweh thesis; Two Powers in Heaven. Chapter 18: What’s in a … Continue reading


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Opening notes on Heiser’s Unseen Realm

This study outline is kind of like a middle east targum.  It is combination paraphrase/outline. For a general idea of this type of thinking, see the following Satan’s Psy Ops. God’s Entourage Job 38.4-7 identifies the heavenly host, the morning … Continue reading

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