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Systematic Theology, volume 2 (Wolfhart Pannenberg)

Review: Pannenberg, Wolfhart.  Systematic Theology volume 2. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1991. Translated by Geoffrey Bromiley. (His name is pronounced “Volf-hart,” not “Wolf-Heart.”  He is not a character in a Twilight fan fiction). What would a Christology from below look like if it were … Continue reading


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Wolfhart Pannenberg’s Case for the Resurrection

WP notes that the church’s rejoicing over Jerusalem’s destruction (as perhaps in modern preterism) forgets Jesus’s own weeping over it, as well as Paul’s ministry.  It also the future restoration (342). The Case for the Resurrection The starting point for … Continue reading

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Pannenberg on the image of God

Wolfhart Pannenberg on the nature of man. WP gives a thorough survey of “image-theology” in post-Reformation history.  His unique insight is that a theology of the image of God must be linked to human destiny.  This avoids certain conceptual pitfalls … Continue reading

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Wolfhart Pannenberg on Body-Soul Unity

Systematic Theology vol. 2. WP urges that we are psychosomatic unities, rather than two juxtaposed essences.  So he rejects substance dualism, which is a problem, but he also refuses to reduce the soul to the body, unlike tendencies of some at … Continue reading

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Pannenberg, Systematic Theology (Vol. 1)

Some important sections. Largely eclipsed by his student Robert W. Jenson. Outstanding remarks on the Vincentian canon, the spirituality of God, and Gregory Palamas. He gives critical reflection on the Cappadocian fathers. Evaluation: Hard to recommend to most students and … Continue reading

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Pannenberg on Spirit as Life Force

Pannenberg suggests that we gloss pneuma and ruach in the Bible along the lines of “force” or “power” and not in the Stoic terms of “mind” (Systematic Theology, Vol 1, pp. 372ff). Origen defined incorporeality as God’s undivided simplicity (de … Continue reading

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Intro to Systematic Theo (Pannenberg)

A fantastic read, but ended in a let down. Pannenberg rightly suggests that a lot of our categories for doing systematic theology are not only outdated, but a few are contradictory and wildly at odds with the Hebrew narrative. Our … Continue reading

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Towards a Western Trinity

This isn’t new.  I’m moving some old essays to this site. In Robert Arakaki’s “Plucking the Tulip,” while the majority of the piece dealt with “calvinism,” he did make some comments on why the Eastern view of the Trinity is … Continue reading

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