Reading thinkers, not individual books

You will often see it suggested that one is better served by reading the corpus of major thinkers rather than simply individual books.  I think there is some wisdom to that.  So here is my reading list for 2016, Deo Volente:

Barth, Karl.  Church Dogmatics vols II/2-III/4.  If I wanted to, I believe I could finish the whole thing, but I am realistic.

Calvin, John. ICR vol. 1 (Battles Edition).  Commentaries on Acts, Romans, John, Isaiah.

Torrance, Thomas.  Most of his stuff.  I have a friend that has most of his works but not all.

Yates, Dame Frances. Giordino Bruno and the Hermetic TraditionOccult Philosophy in Elizabethan EnglandThe Art of MemoryThe Rosicrucian Enlightenment.


About J. B. Aitken

Interests include patristics, the role of the soul in the human person, analytic theology, Reformed Scholasticism, Medievalism, Substance Metaphysics
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