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FV statement, part two

I’m trying to explain some of the differences and why the Federal Vision’s redefinitions undercut the Reformed faith.  Or rather, let the reader draw such conclusions.  I doubt I can do all of that in one blog post. http://www.federal-vision.com/resources/joint_FV_Statement.pdf Baptism … Continue reading

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FV Joint Statement Exposed, part 1

http://www.federal-vision.com/resources/joint_FV_Statement.pdf Our Triune God We affirm that the triune God is the archetype of all covenantal relations. The problem with this is archetypal theology is specifically not communicable to ectypal theology. As the Waters Cover the Sea This section is fine, but … Continue reading

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Confessions of a theological hitman

A certain CREC minister one time documented some of his theological changes, most of them for the better.  I’ve done so about myself a few times on here, but I decided to tie some strings together.  I encourage you to … Continue reading

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