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Review: Theological Science (Thomas Torrance)

Torrance, Thomas F. Theological Science. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1969 [1996]. If Torrance’s works on the Incarnation and Atonement are his doctrinal magnum opi, this is his theological magnum opus. It demands much from the reader, as Torrance is dealing … Continue reading

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Dallas Willard: Knowing Christ Today

Thesis: A life of steadfast discipleship to Jesus Christ can be supported only upon assured knowledge of how things are, of the realities in terms of which that life is lived (Willard 7).  Correct knowledge gives us secure access to reality. … Continue reading

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Evolution of the Soul (Richard Swinburne)

Swinburne, Richard.  Evolution of the Soul.  Oxford. terminology person: anyone who has the facets of consciousness which men possess, whether human or not (Swinburne 4). substance: a component of the world which interacts causally with other components (5). They have … Continue reading

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The Future of Love (Milbank)

I’ve been critical of Radical Orthodoxy in the past.  I think it’s ontology mutes all distinctions, or wants to anyway.  Nonetheless, John Milbank is just fun to read.  And check out his twitter account. Tweets by johnmilbank3 I’m posting this … Continue reading

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Review: Thinking in Tongues

This is from James KA Smith’s earlier days, before he became NPR’s token Christian thinker.  This book is actually good, which pains me to say.  Smith seems unbalanced in many ways since writing this book.  I think it is Trumpphobia … Continue reading

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Review of Frame’s Western Philosophy

This review is dedicated to Kevin Johnson. I won’t give a whole review of each thinker in this book.  I’ve done some of that here. https://patristicevangelism.wordpress.com/category/john-frame-2/ What new material can a survey of Philosophy cover? I was wrong.  Frame’s text … Continue reading

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Frame: Medieval Philosophy

Frame draws heavily from Leithart’s essay on medieval philosophy.  It is a standard treatment in many ways, starting with Boethius and ending with the nominalists. Boethius Since we are temporal, this means we lose some of our being as time … Continue reading

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Intro to Warranted Charismatic Belief

I typed these around May.   Never got around to finishing the argument for time reasons.   Still, maybe these notes will flesh out some stuff. With proper acknowledgment to Alvin Plantinga on the title.  In reading modern Protestant criticisms … Continue reading

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A Reidian Internalist?

Thomas Reid is seen as the predecessor to Alvin Plantinga.  The latter holds to a “warrant” view of epistemology:  I don’t have to justify endless justifications for foundational beliefs.  Plantinga draws heavily from Reid. Yet here is a thought:  can … Continue reading

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Retractare: Justified, True Belief

Alvin Plantinga has been my favorite philosopher.  Few can write like he.  I’ve long been impressed with his warrant trilogy.  With that said, I think I now understand the problems with warrant and externalism.  At the moment I lean closer … Continue reading

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