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Sergius Bulgakov, The Bride of the Lamb

Bulgakov, Sergius.  Bride of the Lamb.  Eerdmans. This isn’t a normal review.  It’s mostly a collection and analysis of his most important points.  This is the best thing ever written on eschatology in the sense of final judgment, life-after-death, etc. Bulgakov … Continue reading

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Review: Powers of Darkness (Clinton Arnold)

Arnold, Clinton. Powers of Darkness: Principalities and Powers in Paul’s Letters. Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsityPress, 1992. In many ways this is a shortened version of his dissertation. But it can also function as a supernaturalist, evangelical response to the then (and … Continue reading

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Kline: Images of the Spirit

Kline argues that the Spirit is the Glory-Spirit who is a sign of creation’s telos (Kline 110). He takes note of the Spirit’s activities and how they manifest God’s glory.  All of that sounds well and good. Sunday Schooley even. … Continue reading

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Unseen Realm Q&A (van Dorn)

The book is written in a catechetical Q & A format, at some places very closely resembling the Westminster Shorter Catechism. There is a question, a somewhat detailed answer, and a list of prooftexts.  There is no way in this … Continue reading

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Why are Angels Important?

I got asked this today.  I’m not sure how you respond except along the lines that anything God says is important. As for whether I am overemphasizing angels, emphasis arguments are tricky, subjective, and almost always impossible to prove.  So … Continue reading

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The Future of Love (Milbank)

I’ve been critical of Radical Orthodoxy in the past.  I think it’s ontology mutes all distinctions, or wants to anyway.  Nonetheless, John Milbank is just fun to read.  And check out his twitter account. Tweets by johnmilbank3 I’m posting this … Continue reading

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That Hideous Strength, by CS Lewis

  Easily Lewis’s best work. This should be on the front shelves at everyChristian book store. Lewis frighteningly predicted the rise of the scientific, planning state. For those who laugh at “conspiracies” of the New World Order, read this book and … Continue reading

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Review: Principalities and Powers (Montgomery)

Montgomery, John Warwick. This is the best mature Evangelical treatment on the subject. Conservative evangelicalism faces a schizophrenia on this topic. On one hand, they know that the demonic and occultic exist because the Bible says so and modern experience … Continue reading

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Angel taxonomy

Saw this on a FB page.  It’s actually not that bad. I would fine tune it in some areas.

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Notes on Heiser’s Supernatural

This is a cliffs-notes version of his longer Unseen Realm. Key argument: “In at least some cases, God decrees what he wants done but gives his supernatural agents freedom to decide what it means” (23). Image of God Genesis says God … Continue reading

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