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We Believe in One Lord Jesus Christ (ed. McGuckin)

John McGuckin gives us an outstanding, yea even world-class compendium of Patristic Christology. It nicely succeeds the first volume in the series.  McGuckin notes a set of “ciphers” that explain the theology behind the Nicene Creed: “‘Christ’ becomes a cipher … Continue reading


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Review, Torrance, The Incarnation

Torrance, Thomas.  The Incarnation: The Person and Life of Christ.  Downers Grove, IL: InterVarsityPress, 2008.  Ed. Robert T. Walker. These are collections of his lectures on Christology spanning his entire career.  As far as Torrance’s works go, this book is quite … Continue reading

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Person of Jesus Christ (Hugh Ross Mackintosh)

Mackintosh, Hugh Ross.  Person of Jesus Christ.  T & T Clark. Mackintosh gives us a fine little devotional tract geared (if not always directly) around the full self-revelation of God in Jesus Christ. Theme: In Christ there is a perfect revelation … Continue reading

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Systematic Theology, volume 2 (Wolfhart Pannenberg)

Review: Pannenberg, Wolfhart.  Systematic Theology volume 2. Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 1991. Translated by Geoffrey Bromiley. (His name is pronounced “Volf-hart,” not “Wolf-Heart.”  He is not a character in a Twilight fan fiction). What would a Christology from below look like if it were … Continue reading

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Mediation of Christ (Thomas Torrance)

This is probably the single best, popular introduction to Torrance’s thought. His Thesis: Jesus’s revealing the Father cannot be abstracted from the matrix of Israel, which also received God’s revelation. Rather, we must have a dynamic epistemology which seeks the … Continue reading

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The King’s Two Bodies (Kantorowicz)

Ernst Kantorowicz analyzes the development in later medieval political thought by isolating one aspect of it: the King’s Two Bodies. By this phrase he means the conjunction of the king’s own natural body with that of the “body politic” (9). … Continue reading

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Bonds of Imperfection (O’Donovan and O’Donovan)

O’Donovans, Oliver and Joan Lockwood. Bonds of Imperfection: Christian Politics Past and Present.  Eerdmans, 2007. I’ve read this book more than any other book over the past eleven years.  Each essays is a Master’s course in social ethics.  With all the … Continue reading

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Horton: Lord and Servant–A Covenant Christology

This is Mike Horton’s second installment in his Covenant series. He reframes Christology around “covenant” and is stunningly successful. His genius is in using the covenant to contrast two ontologies: overcoming estrangement (classical metaphysics) and meeting a Stranger. Horton shows … Continue reading

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Study notes on Caspar Olevian and Substance

I will write a formal review later.  R. Scott Clark has several fascinating sections reconstructing German Calvinism in the 16th century, along with rebutting the Heppe-thesis and such.  The review will cover those parts. This book is so useful on … Continue reading

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Review: John Owen, Communion with God

My copy of Owen was from his Works, volume 2.  Nonetheless, this review will also serve for the shorter Puritan Paperbacks edition.  following the review is an outline on the book. Owen gives us a dense, thorough, yet manageable snapshot, … Continue reading

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